Let's get you tested!

Our test panel has the most common 70 environmental allergens including 10 common food allergens. 

The test takes about 15 minutes to complete and results are immediate.  You will get a copy of your allergy test results the same day you are tested, no waiting!

Based on your test results, you will have a treatment plan before you leave the office. 

Most frequently asked questions:

  • What should I expect during the test?

          NO NEEDLES! The test is applied to the back or arms and you will feel slight pressure from the test applicators pricking your                   skin.  It will take approx. two minutes to apply the entire test and a total of 10 minutes for the test to develop.  We will discuss               your symptoms and allergy history while the test is developing. 

  • How will it feel?  Does it hurt?

          There is a slight pressure from the applicators.  The test is designed to scratch/prick the first layer of skin.  You may experience a           temporary itching or tingling sensation like a mosquito bite as the test develops.     

  • What happens after the test?

           After the results are documented, a clinic staff member will wipe off the test and the itching/ tingling will subside.  We will                      review your results with you and make a copy of your results for you to take home.  Based on your test results, we will discuss                your treatment options.